Who We Are

Tayo Doctors offer virtual healthcare without a step in our office, you don’t need to take time off work, leave your children at home, or wait long hours to see a doctor. You can choose your consultation through phone call or our secure video link. If you need to see a doctor or nurse in person, we can arrange a consultation with your local or preferred area. We make it possible for patients to see the right doctor at the right place at a convenient time.

How It Works

Tayo Doctors is the first Telemedicine platform in Somalia, which makes
it possible for patients to choose from a medical expert, whether male or female.


Choose Payment Method: EVC or bank transfer

and make your payment according to the

service you need.

Book Appointment

Book online by filling out a simple form, choose the date

and time which suits you the best. We promise your information will be confidential and secure.

See A Doctor

You will get a link and appointment confirmation

sent to your mobile or email and you are ready to speak

to the doctor.

Our Services


How telemedicine is shaping future health care in Africa/Somalia

Can I get a same-day appointment?

Most of our patients can get an appointment on the same day.

Can I speak to a doctor when I am abroad?

Yes, you can speak to one of our experienced doctors wherever you are in the world

Can Tayo virtual doctors treat emergencies?

No, If it Is an Emergency, Please Ring +252 61 333 4447.

What will happen in the video consultation?

What about if I need a face-to-face doctor?

If you need face-to-face doctors, please contact us and we will refer you to our trusted medical expert partners.

How do I make the payment?

You can make the payment using all major such as banks Salam bank, Premier bank, Dahabshiil, or EVC PLUS.


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